Makeup,shoes and clothes

This was a great pop up store for 27Pinx (makeup) and strut24 (shoes) hosted by Burgandy fly boutique in Johannesburg. It was all about makeup, shoes and clothes what more could a girl want.


NMG Media Cook Out

This event was so much fun. NMG invited a few of the media outlets that join them at a specially organized cooking class to interact with the NMG personal and network a bit. They cooked and at the end of the day ate the food that they had learned to cook and it was a huge success.

Everyone had a great time and we got to capture all those amazing moments

Mother and daughter 

The Love between a mother and daughter is just so beautiful. So when my friend Neo asked me to take a few pictures of her and her daughter I did not hesitate to say yes. You could tell the bond was strong, I just kept taking and taking and it was as if I was not even there, I just let them do their thing and that was that. We took pictures,had a great lunch and ended the day with a chilled trip to the Union Buildings. It was definitely a great day.



Only the Wedding Decorations

As an event photographer when you get a phone call to photograph a wedding it’s a normal procedure, but when you are told that you will be taking the decorations only you can’t help but be taken aback. But work is work and an opportunity is an opportunity, I took the job and it really was an interesting day.

For once I got to take a “wedding” In less than an hour and also got the opportunity to watch another photographer at work, that’s something I hardly get to see and it really was great to be on the other side and really learn by just observing.

The wedding was beautiful and the decorations where lovely. I went did my job and the bride was happy, and yes I put the pictures in our portfolio and because of that I have gotten other wedding jobs. So unless you are a top fully booked have no time on your hands photographer, it is never a bad idea to take the small jobs once in a while, you never know what you might learn and what contacts you might get.

Kay’s Sweet 16

Kay had an amazing sweet 16 and we had the privilege to capture some of the moments for her. We took a little trip down to Soweto then headed of to the amazing Gold Reef City where All the fun began. Limo drive, great food, amazing location, Paris themed cake, karaoke, Friends and Family, what more could a girl ask for.
How was your sweet 16, share with us your memorable moments. 







Competition from the second and third force


Gone are the days when you were hired to  take pictures at a wedding or corporate event you knew that you had the monopoly of covering the event by yourself and your assistant or if there were to be onother photographer you were told about it in advance.You would arrive at the venue well on time,meet your colleague  shake hands and discuss the logistics of the shoot.Each photographer would get his/her brief and the rest of the day or evening would go smoothly.
Enter the digital camera and smart cellphones era,complicate it by adding facebook,instagram and twitter, suddenly from the small boy to the granny and everybody in between overnight, they have become professional photographers. Atleast with other photographer covering the same event,we make sure that we do not get in each others way. We are constantly looking out for each other and always give way so that everyone gets the pictures they want.

This new crop of photographers dont care what happens as long as they get their picture. At a wedding, you  are about to photograph  the groom putting a ring on the brides finger,out of the blue sonny boy jumps infront of your veiw and start snapping,  being encouraged by his mum,the bride sister.You quickly shift to the other side only to bump against you know who, the bridesmaid with her flashy cellphone.luckily you brush one of them aside and by a stroke of luck you get your picture , but that does not make you popular with my sister. If eyes were able to kill ,the bridesmaid eyes would have killed me there and then.

This sets up the general mood and behaviours for the day, you look up to the guy who is supposed to control the proceedings , he is busy taking a selfie with one of the celebrity guest.You realise that you have no help and you better take controll of the situation.
You start your day being polite and understanding ,by the middel of the shoot you are barely holding your temper bearing in mind that you are also advertising yourself and you don’t want bad publicity for yourself.

What is the experience out there? Iwould like to hear from photographers,by standers and also those who wield their point and shoot cameras and smartphones,maybe they can let us in on their blind enthusiasm for the pictures


Welcome to our blog!

Hey guys and welcome to our events photography blog. 8t has been long overdue and I get people asking me all the time to share the moments and experiences we have at all these events we do, so here we are ready to share :-). I hope you guys love it and interact with us as much as you can.

Here are just a few pictures to give you a little taste of what’s in store…